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Getting more people to attend your events

In our series of posts to help fill the knowledge gaps in the creative sector in EA, this article from Joose Digital is about how to grow your live performance audiences. Intended for artists who are creating their own events or event organizers.

Here are a few tips

  • Build your own audience – if you don’t engage your audience aside from asking them to come to a gig, they will be half-hearted about coming.
  • Add promo to the deal/s you make with other artists when you book them to play – digital collateral is a currency too – make it part of your contract with other acts that they share the event with their audiences, you can even specify what they share, how often and where.
  • Book some acts for your lineup who have sizeable audiences which are different to yours.
  • If you are going to offer free tickets to people, give them to ‘influencers’ moreso that friends.
  • Invite the press and look after them
  • Create a marketing campaign around the event – great campaigns always have a ‘hook’ – something which means something to the audience. Just a poster share gets lost on peoples timelines.
  • Make your other artists in the lineup, guest hosts on your facebook event, so that the event also shows up on their pages.
  • Pay attention to all the details, for example, the start-up act should encourage people to stay, not be the least important act on your lineup – if people are having a great time, they will call other people on the night to show up.
  • Pay attention to the details, for example, the lighting – not only does it create atmosphere, which plays to peoples emotions, but if the lighting is good audiences will be sharing photos and videos, which might not help with that gig but will create #FOMO for the next
  • Think about pricing in relation to your audience and what else is going on, on that date. A great idea, last week was to offer a reduced gate fee for people who entered before 10pm.
  • Think about your audience when you market an event, what else do they like, where are they likely to see your posters online and off. Some audiences respond well to gorilla posters outside, others to stuff online.
  • Create a press release and send it out well in advance, media doesn’t always do last minute well. (and by the by, start creating a press list)
  • Use influencers in your event marketing, people who have sway with your audience, this will work better than facebook ads.
  • Actively seek feedback from your audiences to see what they thought – everyone can always improve.