“Striving against the odds”

KAZI : The debut album from Abaki Simba, ADA Records

Abaki Simba Troupe are a collective of Kenyan percussionists, Mcs, Musicians, dancers, acrobats and vocalists. For the last 3 years they have sought to integrate a message of unity through their music and performance, which can best be demonstrated by the fact that they use drums from different tribes and regions of Kenya as a comment against tribal violence. The way in which their percussion is composed is also a demonstration of democracy as each player is given time and space to call and respond as their rhythms flow and swing. Abaki Simba call this their own form of ‘Percussion Discussion’.

Abaki Simba Troupe hold a strong set of three values that they teach through their music: Environmentalism, Unity and Peace. Through this tripartite set of principles, the group have now written and recorded the diverse and hard hitting album ‘KAZI’, that spans genres from Hip Hop to Reggae, Afro-folk to Cinematic Percussion. Four of the six tracks on the album feature vocalists such as Labdi and Tetu Tutuma,┬ásinging in different languages including, Maasai, Luo, Scheng and English. Such diversity in language also adds to their dialogue of unity and peace in Kenya and beyond.

The album ‘KAZI’ was written and recorded from the percussion instruments first, by MIDI MINDS Kenya at ADA Creative Studios. Once the percussion was laid down, guitar, bass and vocals were written and blended together without a click track to form a very real and swinging collection of music. The message of the album is one of positivity and working hard, whilst relying on oneself to make the most of life.