Abaki Simba Troupe’s debut album Kazi, released in 2017 on ADA Records, was a land mark for Kenyan music. The Kenyan percussion troupe were formed in response to the election violence in Kenya 2007/8. Bringing all of the drums, rhythms and languages together from across the country, the band made a progressive statement calling on youth to rise up and take control of their lives through a conscious endeavor.

The Remixed EP was an opportunity to celebrate the emerging underground electronic scene within Nairobi. As such, we launched a remix competition challenging the many budding producers in the city to provide their take on the album KAZI.

Across the remixes you can gain an idea of the techno scene championed by the iconic monthly event Temple, of which Dylan-S and Eric K are regular DJs. Dreadsteppa represents the Dub-Reggae camp and the mighty self built Umojah SoundSystem, that plays Roots and Dub every Wadada Wednesday. Whilst Jinku is at the forefront of the Nu-Nairobi scene, exploring global beats, fashion and urban culture, most notable as a lead part of EA WAve. And finally, our competition winner Fuzzkill, demonstrates the ingenuity and originality coming through the use of Soundcloud in Nairobi for beat makers.

The Kazi Remixed EP gives the listener a true perspective of the Nairobi Underground scene, demonstrating how much we have to say here and how hot the fire is burning in Nairobi today!